Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Haluska Family Wedding Weekend

Well this past weekend we headed to Des Moines for a family fun filled weekend with the Haluska's!!!!!

Joey had put together a surprise dinner for his Brother Mikey who just graduated from Iowa State University. We are so proud of him and his accomplishments!! Way to go Mikey!
 OF course Mikey the man of the night!!!! Acting a little bashful after the whole surprise thing!
                                                                       Half of the table
                                                            The other half of the table

Saturday we were able to hang out at the hotel for a bit which was really nice and relaxing!! Later on we got ready and headed to the wedding.
                                     The Ceremony  I loved the colors of black, charcoal, and a pop of red
                                                 Saying the vows, my favorite part of EVERY wedding!
In between the wedding and the reception we headed back to the hotel to hang out at the restaurant, lots of laughs were had
And finally a last minute picture before the reception ended which sums up what these cousins did most of the night:


Liz Waters said...

Those guys are too funny!

Margaret said...

Sure was a WONDERFUL weekend!!! Love the pic of the boys and their "dance" moves!! Looking forward to the baby shower :)

O.squared. said...

How fun! And congrats to Mikey!!

Uncle Mike said...

We loved seeing everyone last weekend. Mikey knows how to party. Fr. Phil still wants to talk to him about his sign!
Enjoy your shower!!
Mike and Connie