Monday, August 22, 2011

August 21st, 2010 1 Year Anniversary

Good Morning Bloggers,

Hope you had a great weekend. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary yesterday. It is hard to believe that a year ago I was walking on down the isle to meet my best friend and get married. It has been an amazing year. As we reflected yesterday we realized this has been the year of change for us in many aspects. Becoming married, having baby H on the way, changing jobs, family changes etc. This year has gone by so fast and sometimes we want to stop time but we are blessed with excitement and joy at what the future holds for this Haluska family.

Here are some pictures to remember that special day:
Kissing for the first time as Mr and Mrs Joseph Haluska!!

The cake which I loved so much, we tried the top layer last night and we had heard from alot of people that isnt so great after a year of being frozen but we were surprised it was really moist and you could taste the yummy lemon filling.

The wedding party having a great ime in between the ceremony and the reception! Love you all.

A beautiful little flower girl who did a great job at the ceremony and now is planning her wedding!!! with bagpipes and all!

Thank you Joe for this past year. I am honored each and everyday to be you WIFE. You are an amazing man and love unconditionalyl to all which is a priceless attribute to have. You contuine to work hard not only for yourself but for our family and I love you completly, and forever!

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