Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This past weekend

Hi Bloggers,

I just got back from a 3 mile walk with Wrigely and the Mr. and I have to say I will be a very sad girl when the weather really starts to become FALL WEATHER.

This past weekend was a long one for me. I have every other Friday off, so this past Friday I was off  and Monday was a holiday, so this left me with a very LOOOOOOONNNNGGGG weekend. Which meant it was time to get organized. Joey headed to Ames on Saturday morning to spend the night with his brother and to watch the ISU football game. It worked out great because a bunch of his friends from college were also at the game. Once he was the road this little wifey got busy  unpacking alot of our wedding gifts, re-organizing the kitchen, cleaning the house from top to bottom, treating our wood floors( which by the way if you have wood floors message me I have a cleaner that ROCKS) and did loads of laundry. The weather was beautiful and I squeezed in a quick walk with the puppy. We got a new piece of furniture for our house as well. In our dining room we have a noock(don't know if this is the right name ) we have been searching high and low for something to go there. What we really wanted was a buffet/ wine rack and guess what we found it.!!!!I am adding some last minute touches on it and will be posting it along with our new front door fallscape tomorrow.

Although I was exhausted when Monday hit- I felt great because it was a highly productive weekend and the boys had a great time even without a victory.

Tomorrow pictures of the new furniture and the front door also I will be announcing our Halloween costumes. Any last minute ideas of what we should be?????

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