Monday, September 6, 2010

We're Back


It feels like forever since I have blogged or caught up on all the blogs that I follow. I can assure you of this though, this week you will be tired of all the updates on Turner's Take.

The Wedding:
It was a dream come true. Our family and friends surrounded us with love and it was felt by all that attended. Yesterday we got the video and the pictures back so I will be getting those up soon. A very large thank you to Candi Bengston, Kim Haluska, and Shellie Haluska who did all the set-up the day of the wedding. It took my breath away and I felt like it all came together so beautifully THANK YOU SO MUCH. Secondly a big thank you to all of our families for being there. Family is extremely important to Joe and I and it wouldn't of been complete without each and everyone of you.

The Honeymoon:
ST. LUCIA rocked the house!!!! It was beautiful I journals for the entire trip and will be doing a post with pictures and info soon. This was our first time traveling together and it went really well. Joe did all the planning and I have to give it up to him he hit a home run. Since being on this trip we have been bitten by the travel bug.

Back to Reality Now:
We are getting home for good today. When we returned from our honeymoon we headed to Albia to celebrate Joey's nana's birthday with her so today we will be unpacking our suitcases for good. While we were gone on our honeymoon we received some sad news. Joey's cousin Angie is engaged to a man named Noah, he was in a boating accident and passed away unexpectedly. Our hearts break for Angie and his girls. When Noah walked into a room he made everyone feel like they were his friend, and had a smile that could make anyone smile. We will miss him dearly and are grateful for him touching our lives with his wonderful presence.

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