Monday, September 13, 2010

Honeymoon Journal and Pics

Hello Bloggers,

As many of you know Joe surprised me during our first dance and told me where we were going on our honeymoon. . . . . ST. LUCIA

I tried to journal everyday while we were there so I could save it an read back on it in the years to come. I hope you enjoy it
Day #1
August 25th
Well our journey has began this morning with arriving in Naperville. We picked up lunch from a new sandwich shop called Jersey Mike's and then headed back to Mom's to eat and relax until our ride came to pick us up. The ride arrived at 3:15 we then got to O'Hare and got checked in after we found our gate we went to the Macaroni Grill in the airport to split a pizza and some cold brewsky's. Our flight was smooth and we were greeted with the humidity of Miami when we got outside. Tomorrow morning we have an early morning flight to ST. LUCIA , I cant wait I can hardly sleep.

Day 2
August 26th
Well guess who we saw this morning at the Miami Airport when we were going through security, Shawni O' Neil- Shaq's ex-wife. She saw my sweatsuit and wished us congratulations on our marriage, I asked her if she had any marriage advice and her advice for me was to "keep it fresh, keep it hot" we laughed about it. On our flight I to St. Lucia I couldn't keep my eyes open, but about 30 minutes before we touched down Joey woke me up so I wouldn't miss of the beautiful mountains. Our flight was filled with many natives of St. Lucia. They speak a mixture of french creole and it is so pretty. When we landed and got through immigration Joey had my first surprise waiting for me, a private car and driver for the week. Most people get on a bus with all the couple but Mr. Haluska does it first class all the way. Our drivers name was Bobby and he did an excellent job telling us about the country on our hour drive to the resort. He had a cooler in the car with cold Piton beer which is made in St. Lucia. Joey took an immediate liking to it. When we arrived at the resort they had cold towels and champagne waiting for us. They took us to our villa which was beautiful and to our surprise we had our own pool. After we got situated in our room we headed down to one of the 15 restaurants on the resort an Irish Pub we got some food and drinks and took a walk on the beach, we also went in the jacuzzi that night. We took another walk on the beach and the tide had gotten bigger and swept our shoes away but we were able to scoop them up. We called it an early night because Joey said we had a big day ahead of us tomorrow- I wonder what that could be????????
Stay tuned!

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