Wednesday, August 25, 2010



The new Mrs. Haluska is in writing a brief post from my wedding hiatus.

Well the wedding was fabulous!! It was so wonderful to be surrounded by all of our amazing family and friends and I will never forget it. I hope to do a picture post when I return from where you may be wondering. . . . . Well as some of you may know Joey had kept our honeymoon location a secret till our first dance and guess where we are going ????????


I am beyond excited the day after the wedding all I did was research the resort website and read all about it.
Here is a link to the website of where we are going if you feel like checking it out.:
we are staying at the St. Lucia Regency Golf Resort and Spa.

I will be journaling on our honeymoon and plan to blog about our days there when we return.
Today we fly from O'Hare Airport at 6:40 to Miami International arriving at 9:40. We are 1:00.

Bye Bye for awhile fellow bloggers, cant wait to catch up on all your posts when I return!

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