Thursday, July 1, 2010

19 Minute- Book Review

Happy July Everyone!!!!!

Well I forgot I had one more catch-up post to do before my recipe post!! Whoops!

I just recently finished this Novel by Jodi Picoult "19 Minutes" I am not an avid reader of Ms. Picoult's but when I was recently on travel I forgot my book at home so I stopped in an airport and grabbed this one. Isn't it a funny path how we stumble upon books to read?

This novel is a TRUE, REAL look into high school. It is the good and the bad. By no means is this a book for a high schoolers to read. I think it is more suited for someone who is older and has a mature attitude about those turbulent years. The story centers around 19 minutes in a high school and how it changes the lives of a town of people forever. Now before I continue I must ask "So what do you think this about so far?" Well I bet it isn't what you think it is.

-What can you do in 19 minutes?

-What would you do if you only had 19 minutes left in your life?

-If you could get 19 minutes back in your life what would you do differently?

Ms. Picoult does an excellent job in my opinion of developing the characters and pealing the layers of this story like an onion. There are moments in this book that will bring back memories of your high school days. There are other moments that will be so uncomfortable that you wont want to contuine, but you will because you will be connected to the characters that have become the page turners.I challenge any reader to this book. Who were you most like in high school, from the book? How would you parent these children in this book? Do you think this story rings true for the current high schools in America?

By the way, I promise a big recipe blog coming up soon. I am taking the weekend off from blogging, to work on wedding projects, and soak up the sun with my Mr.

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!

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