Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wedding Update

Can you believe the month of June is over??????????????/ I am in denial, but I plan on soaking up all of July because I know August is going to fly by!!!!!

Everything with the wedding is going very well!! We are in full force execution mood! Every night after work, I am working on projects, this past weekend I got to see in person what alot of my decor is going to look like thanks to my wedding fairy Candi Bengston! This week has been full of invitation stuffing and I cant wait for people to start to receive them. I thought I would take pictures of things and give a preview of what to expect but I have decided against it because I thought it would be more fun to save till the read deal.
Overall I am feeling pretty good on where I am at, of course I would love to cross some big To Do's off my list and hopefully after this weekend I will be able to.
Everyone keeps asking me if it has hit me yet, or if I am stressed. I am trying to remember that I am only doing this ONCE and why am I doing this to have a big party NO but to marry my best friend!!!
On the horizon for the wedding planning, make-up trial, finishing decor, seating arrangements, one more shower, and then Let The Party Begin!!!
A Very Fun Post Coming Tomorrow!!!!! If you need some new recipes make sure to check it out!

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