Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Very Blessed Day

Hello Bloggers,

Well this is a very joyous blog to write and I have debated on writing it for some time.

First of all I need to tell you something that has been going on in my life. My dear sweet Grammie has been battling Stage 3 Colon Cancer for the past 9 months. Once finding out that it was cancerous she immediately went to Mayo Center to have a large part of her colon removed and to receive a treatment plan for her chemo sessions back here in the Quad Cities.

Needless to say this whole ordeal has been terrifying, frustrating, and saddening but it has straightened my family's faith and how close we are. We went into this battle with a fighting and WINNING attitude.

This past Monday my grammie was scheduled for her last Chemo treatment. We were not expecting her to be able to receive her treatment since her last 4 treatments had to be delayed to her low platelet counts. Her appointment was at 9 and by 1030 my mom and I were on the phone debating as to what to do. We tried her cellphone but my grammie is known for forgetting her cellphone. We tried the home phone but no answer and this wasn't a big surprise as when she hasn't been able to receive treatment her and my poppy typically go out to lunch and shopping. So my mom and I decided that I would call the Chemo center. When I called the nurse put me on hold (during this time all I did was say Glory B's) when the nurse came back she asked if I was calling about Regina, this is my grammies legal first name but she has gone by Joann for years.. I said Yes it is. The nurse then said the following: YES SHE IS IN THE MIDDLE OF HER TREATMENT and SHE CANT USE THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I literally yelled out loud!!!! Even the nurse got excited! If you really know me this will not surprise you!!!
I got to call my mom with this good news!!! Which was awesome and then my aunt Sue. It was so joyous. Joey was so excited as well as he has been a big part of making trips to see her with me. He was so wonderful and when she was first diagnosed wrote her a letter on how she would beat this because of her faith and her family. After work we headed to Geneseo to celebrate. We had champagne and went out to dinner!!!

We are blessed!! I am so PROUD of REGINA JOANN TURNER! She has fought the good fight and has had faith through the whole thing! Below are some pics of our celebratory night!!!
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