Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Little Bit Of Everything

Hello Everyone,

The weekend has arrived and I am happy to see it!!!

Any big plans for the your weekend? Lets hear about it!

Well the first thing I would like to address is Mr. Wrigley. He is not with us tonight as I write this but staying the night at the vet because today he had a procedure that eliminates his ability to be a father! He will be coming home tomorrow and we will be very happy to see him. I have to admit something, it is weird not having him around. I know some of you will be surprised to hear me say this but I mean it. Get Well Soon Mr. Wrigley.

Next up: Does anyone have an opinion on appetizers for a wedding reception I am trying to decide on what to do? Is it important? What would be a neat thing to do?

This weekend: I plan to do lots of wedding prepping. It is crazy how close it is getting to the event!!! I feel like the train has arrived at the station, gassed up, and is now FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!!! If you feel like making a road trip to the Davenport area this weekend to work on wedding stuff please feel free I would love some extra hands!!!!

And now I leave you with a delicious summer recipe: Today I had to bring in a treat for snack day at work and at 5:00 this morning I didn't have anything so I searching high and low in the fridge and cupboards and this is what I came up with:

Banana Cream Trifle
1 box of vanilla wafers
2 boxes of banana cream pudding
1 container of light cool whip topping
4 bananas sliced.
Prepare the pudding with the directions on the box, and add the whip cream

Layer your trifle bowl starting with some vanilla wafers, then layer in the pudding, followed by the sliced bananas. Finish with some wafers on the top.

Very Easy**** Very Cost Effective**** Very Yummy

Enjoy your weekend with your friends and family.

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