Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wrigley Update

It has been some time since I posted pictures of Wrigley and it is way overdue. Wrigley is becoming a big, big dog. . . . . . Take a Look
Wrigley is doing good, he has come a long way since when we first brought him home
He has mastered:
-Going to the bathroom outside
-Rolling Over
-Grabbing socks off the floor
-Chewing up rugs in front of doors
Some of Wrigley's favorite things:
-being next to anybody that will pet him
-being outside
-soaking up the sun in the backyard under the tree
Things Wrigley is working on:
-heeling when we walk
-not pulling on the leash
-jumping up on people when he first sees them
-trying to sneak food from children

1 comment:

Unknown said...

He's a chocolate lab... you need to take him swimming! Also, if he's anything like mine he probably will love all toys of birds!