Monday, May 10, 2010

Memories of My Momma

No I am not a momma. . . yet.

So when I think of being a mother one women comes to mind and that women is . . . . . My Momma!

I wanted to do a little tribute to my momma by giving here a written memory log of some of my favorite memories with her!!!!
-Although i dont remember this, watching soaps with you while you soaked me in lotion.
-The slumber parties in bed that you and I would have. Yes the crumbs in the bed are even a good thing in my memory.
-Helping me pick out my outfirst for the first day of school every year and sneaking in a note of encouragement.
-Really reading to me. So many nights you worked a full day, cooked, cleaned, ran me here and there and then you would read me a story and not just read but you would make the story come to life with voices and acting.
-Big hair, yes when I was a teenager I may have been embrassed but know I am so appreciative for you teaching me Big Hair
-Letting me cry. Enough said.
-Pushing me when I vowed I couldnt go any farther, thanks to you I pushed on.
-watching tv shows that you dont really like just so we can chit chat about it.
-Tuna melts, company cream tuna, and tuna on potatoes-only me and you.
-Teaching me to love fearlessly, some never experience this but you and I do.
- Your uncondtional and selfless love.

Yes, you are my only one You are my only Dont be leaving me now Now you're my only one.

Love you Momma!

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