Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hi Friends,
Well do I have lots to tell you about!!!!!! Recently I was able to take a trip and spend some much needed girl time with some of my bridesmaids!!! What fun we had

Two of my bridesmaids,(Lindsay and Sammi) I have gone to school with since 7th Grade and after college they moved out to California. My other Bridesmaid Mandy boarded a plane and took a trip to see them with me. Mandy was such a sweetheart and when we were boarding the plane she pulled out pink beads that said "bachellorette" Everyone on the plan wished me well and then this is how we started our flight:

Can you tell how Happy I was to be with my California girls??? This trip really renewed my confidence in my friendships with these girls. I realized that you don't have to talk to a friend everyday to remain close and things may change in your lives but your friendship will always remain the same. These girls really made this trip for me. They spoiled me rotten with their time, laughter, and events that they had planned.
More to come in Part 2 of Cali=GREAT TIMES

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