Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Blog?????

Sorry Fellow Bloggers I have been absent from my blog which on vacation- and trust me I will be blogging about that but first I have some other thoughts for you to ponder:

Inspiration: What Makes A Blogger-Blog?????

Since beginning a blog I have entered a world of backgrounds, fonts, links, advertisements, stories, joys, sorrows, You name is it is on a blog somewhere!!

Often times when I am getting ready to write a new "post" I wonder how other bloggers come up with their ideas, or what they use for inspiration. Sometimes what I end up writing whatever and other times I have an idea or event in my mind for awhile. I however do NOT write my "posts" on paper and pen before typing it. For this post I decided to try something different and write it out on paper before typing it up.

One of my life long goals is to write a children's book, I have a couple of ideas and my goal for blogging was to strengthen my creative writing and to write often.

So bloggers I have some questions for you:
-Why do YOU blog?
-How do you decide on what you write about?
-Does your goal for your blog change from day to day?
-What has blogging given you on reader/writer?


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