Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Will You Be My Flowergirl???

If you are not famaliar with my She She's let me introduce them to you:

Grace, Caroline, and Madeline our my Uncle Don's three girls! They are my cousins but with such a large age differnece it feels more like they are my nieces and I am their aunt! This past Sunday I headed up to Wheaton to spend the night and have lots of fun and ask two little girls a very imprtant question.

Caroline and Madeline giving each other sister love before the play

Grace and Sue after the play-Grace did a great job and looked like a pro on the stage!

I gave Madeline and Caroline a book called " The Little Flower Girl" and a flowergirl paperdoll book to get them in the mood for the big day!!!!

I had to include this picture because after the two little flowergirls went to bed Grace, Sue and I sat up and looked through my bride magazines and did all wedding talk. I had Grace put my ring on and took a picture. She is a natural. Now when I look at this picutre I know one day that she will be engaged and we will look back at this picutre with such fond memories.

Needless to say Sue and I couldnt wait and the next morning we took the girls to try on dresses!!! What fun we had the girls we such good sports and loved trying on all the different kinds and standing on "the stage" twirling!!

Like Every Flowergirl Should!!!

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