Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wedding Update #1

I have been busy blogging this week, and I hope I can keep it up. I have decided that once a week I will do a wedding entry. I am thinking it could be anything from what I am working on that week, to my feelings of preparing for the event. ANohter great thing is that Joe has decided to guest write and give the groom's perspective. I am beyond EXCITED to see what he writes. Joe is extremly talented at writing so get ready for some great blogs. We have picked the date:

AUGUST 21st 2010

What the Bride has to say: Well. .. . First I must say that I have dreamed about my wedding since I was a little girl. I would beg my mom to buy me wedding magazines when I was 12 years old and she fed my obession well. One thing I have come to realize is that I want to cherish every minute of this process. I know that I must remember that when I become stressed about something to do with the wedding I must remember "why am I doing this all?" because I want to spend the rest of my life with Joe forever and ever. I promise my next wedding entry wont be so sappy but for all you gushy people out there enjoy!

What the Groom has to say: I may not have dreamed about my wedding since I was 12 but I have always wondered who I would spend the rest of my life with. I found everything I could want in a woman when I met Erin. The wedding process is an interesting one, you would think everything would fall in line for your perfect day but it takes some work. The only thing that really matters is that Erin and I are next to each other on August 21st, then everything will be ok. I look forward to the whole process, no matter how it goes and it looks like I may be updating everyone on things as well as my wife to be on this blog.


Kendra Dawn said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

workingmother1 said...

I am sooo going to tune in and check this out every week!!!

LindsayVan said...

I would also like to add that everytime we would go prom/homecoming dress shopping you would try on a veil!! hahaha.. i love you!