Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Meaning of Christmas To ME!

I have been thinking alot about Christmas and what it means to me. When I first think of Christmas I think of my memories as a child. I think about how special Christmas Eve has been to be because of my family and the traditions we have togethter. I think about the rush down the stairs to see what Santa had brough and asking my Poppy every year" how did he get away this year?" Now that I am older I have such a greater APPRECIATION for this time. I realize that we are celebrating one of my favoite people's birthday and if you dont know him on a first name basis his name is GOD!!! Secondly I realize that this time I have with my family is sacred.

The past couple of weeks have been so busy with family tasks, wedding planning and preparing for Christmas. I really hadnt felt excited yet about Christmas until a few days ago when I was at my grandparents (grammie and poppy) having dinner. I was feeling tired and stressed to say the least, when "Charlie Brown's Christmas" came on. I was doing dishes when my Grammie demanded that I come out and watch it with them. It only took a few minutes to relax and by the time it ended I felt completly filled with the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the spirit of Charlie and his dear friends who helped him prepare for the season!!!

I wish all of my followers of this blog, family and friends a very Merry Christmas !!!!!!! Hark the Herald Angel sing Glory to the New Born King !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Kendra Dawn said...

Merry Christmas to you too!!!

Love you girly!