Thursday, December 31, 2009

Engagement Party In Rockford

Before I moved to the great state of Iowa I lived in IL my entire life. I actually lived a large portion of it in Rockford, IL. When I moved to the Quad Cities and started telling people where I was from thy would say "that's a suburb of Chicago" Technically it isnt but I let people think whatever they want. It has become a big joke with the Haluska's as well! Two of my dearest friends from Rockford now live in California. They are also my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid. They came back a few weeks ago to celebrate the engagement with me in our old hometown of ROCKFORD!
The day started with us meeting at Granite City and the girls opened their Bridesmaid shirts.
During the day we shopped and then headed back to Lindsay's to get ready to go to our favorite dinner place which is a Japanese Sushi Steakhouse JMK!
Lindsay found this PINK Saki and said we HAD to have it since that is color of my wedding! It actually was delicious!
Our good friend Marc came into town from Chicago. We went to High School together and the three of us girls adore Marc! He actually took all three of to dances when we were in high school! IT was great to see him and we always have a great time laughing and talking about the future and past memories.
During the night Sammi would show of my Bling we got this picture of her actually doing it! Cracks me up!
Finally, they asked me what it feels like to be in love and engaged and this is what I did:
Such good times thanks girls!!!!

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