Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Decorating and Entertaining!

Hello Again,
Have I mentioned I LOVE TO ENTERTAIN!!!! I love to create a menu, invite the fun and loving people in my life, decorate, and COOK! Besides Entertaing I like to decorate. Since I started blogging I started following DIY decorating blogs and have found a slew of ideas on them. If you look at Just one check out Thrifty Decor Chick!! She is awesome!
Ok now on to some decorating:
This is a wreath that I started our color scheme for the tree was a bright green and red and I wanted a wreath to coordinate the door. When I first started this wreath I got completly frustrated and Joey took over and what a great job he did! Who knew he was crafty!
This is the banister is one of my favorite parts about the house. It matches the woodwork around the house and for Christmas we put garland, lights and ornaments. It really spruced up the foyer.
Last week on Tuesday night Joey had in my family in for a dinner party to begin the Christmas season.
The menu:
Appetizer: Chicken Bruschetta and Lemon Garlic Shrimp
Main Course: Ribs, Cheesy potatoes, 7-layer salad, biscuts
Dessert: Oreo and Cake Balls
This day our brand new dining room table was delivered from Des Moines and we had to wait over two months but it was completely worth the wait.

Joey had this arrangement delievered the day of the dinner party it matched the tree with green and red colors- He thinks of everything! Thanks Joe!

The Kids Table

The gang eating dinner!!!!

My Mom, Uncle Ken, and Aunt Susan

The name cards I had in front of everyone's plate!!
Next Blog: Christmas with the famalies!

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