Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Milk and Cookies Party Part 1

I started looking for ideas for Harper's party when she was 7 months old!! Yes I know that is early but I couldnt wait and there are so many cute ideas for children's birrhday ideas. I had 3 ideas going strong and narrowed it down to the milk and cookies theme by the time she was 9 months.  I loved this idea for the simplicity of the menu, and the idea of being able to do cute little touches along the way and in different areas of the party.
Let's start with the invitation. I looked, and looked, and looked and couldnt find one online that I really liked so I took the color scheme, and started to put together different ideas. I love how it turned out and although I spent a good week cutting out cookies, and milk bottles it was worth it at the end

The Color Scheme: I purposely picked something other than Pink! why?? Because I thought pink was to obvious of a choice and I wanted it to be something different because when Harper gets older I am sure she will want a pink girly party and we will have pink galore than!! The color theme was brown, reda nd white polka dots. I carried this theme through the invitations, decor around the house and favor bags.
Menu: The menu was extremly simple and was cookies and milk. I had chocolate and white milk and 6 differnt cookies. The cookies were Harper's Kisses, Fall Fest Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Grandma Eileen's Special Cookie, Chocolate Yummies, Yum Yum Balls.

Part 2 Coming Up!!!

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