Monday, November 5, 2012

Milk and Cookies Party Part 2

On to the next part of the party
The favor bags for the adults and favor kits for the kids.
A long time ago I saw on Pinterest how you could re-purpose formula cans and I loved this idea since we had an abundance of them. So I started saving them months before Harper's birthday and they were simple to dress up.
Inside the kits were crackers, crayons, paper to drawer on and a juice box. It was Perfect! Thanks targert for providing the the coordinated color scheme for the crackers! To cover the formula can I wrapped a simple piece of scrapboook paper around the outside!

The adult favor bags were simple brown paper bags with scrapbook paper to dress it up a bit! Inside was a red crush drink and my mom's special batch of "crack" crunch mix.
I had the favors in the foyer which made it very easy as people arrived and left to grab a bag!
Joey tackled a big part of the decorations as well and that was a hand drawn canvas all about Harper at 1. He did such a great job and it is perfect. It nows hangs in her room and I smile everytime I see it.

Above the cookie bar I had every picture from her monthly photo shoot on one side.


Lindsay said...

WOW- everything looks fantastic! Love the red polka dot.

Kendra Dawn said...

I think party planning/decorating is your calling!!!! Harper is going to have some amazing parties through the years!!! :)

O.squared. said...

Happy birthday to your little lady!