Tuesday, October 16, 2012

12 Months Old

Harper Regina is 1 Year Old!!!

Height:30 inches

Weight:25 ilbs

Sleeping: Still doing great! She typically goes to bed around 8 and gets up at 7:30-7:45. She is still taking 2 naps most days but a few days a week she only has one. I can tell on the days that she only has 1 nap she is a little more sassy come dinner time. Either way for right now we are blessed that sleeping has been so well.

Eating: This girl loves to eat!!! She eats about 3 solid meals a day along with 2 snacks. She drinks from a sippy cup and has done great transitioning to only 2 bottles a day in the morning and at bedtime. Next month we are planning on moving towards only 1 bottle a day being at nightime.
Some of her favorite foods contuine to be fruit, veggies, pasta, and hot dogs!! Whole milk is what Harper drinks in her bottles and occasionally she gets a little bit of 100% of juice dilluted with water.

Playing: Harper is a dancer. If there is music on she is moving and bouncing up and down. Normally in the morning I am unloading the dishwasher and Harper stands at the dishwasher and dances as I put the dishes away. We recently got her a new carseat and she has loved the box that it came in. Sometimes the best toys are the ones that are the simplest.

Harper Can DO:
-Stand holding onto something
-Climb up the stairs all by herself
-Say Dada
-Say Momma
-Wave Hello and Goodbye
-point out her tummy
-point out her hair

Harper is still working on walking and standing along she is getting closer everyday!
I plan to contnue updates on Harper but they wont be every month.

More on Harper's Birthday Party to come!

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