Monday, October 1, 2012

Friday Night Fun Night

Life can get so busy that sometimes you need to slow down and enjoy life a little more. Joe and I are traveling usually 2 weekends out of he month so we decided that when we are home we are going to make the most out of Friday nights and try to establish some family fun nights.

In the last month and a half we have made it a point to carve out some very fun, ,simple, creative, family time together and it has been great for us.

Whether we are making pancakes in the shape of our name, shopping at target, or grabbing a bite to eat somewhere it is the simpe togetherness that we have relished in.

                              Letter pancakes! Harper loved that she got the whole thing to start with!
                                    Me and my sweetie pie! No makeup for momma on this Friday Night!
                                           Harper doing some re-arranging for the house!
                                                Mommy's drink of choice on Friday Nights
                                                 Dad and Wrigley grilling out dinner on the deck!
What do you like to do around your house on a Friday night when you dont have anything going on?

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