Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Idea Book

For some time now I have been aspiring to become more of a DIYer and crafter!!!! Although I haven't been up to this long I started a book to chronicle different projects that I want to tackle, yummy recipes, centerpieces, "how-to's," pictures that inspire etc. I call it "MY IDEA BOOK" I keep it in a three ring binder and typically every couple of weeks when I have time to go through my stack of magazines I sit down with a diet coke, scissors and start clipping!!!!! Once I pull the articles I start organizing into different categories such as: decor, recipes, how-to's,. Once I have them organized i file them into plastic liners and separate into the appropriate category.Since I have started this I have really gotten into it. It has also helped when I stumble upon the felling of "what next????" I thought I would include some basic pictures of mine and the magazines that contain a wealth of info!!! ENJOY!!!!!

My IDEA BOOK!!!!!!!

These are some of the magazines that I get alot of the articles I use from!!!!!

These were some of the articles I pulled today a great fall pic, a black and white themed halloween, white wine sampler, and yummy Fall recipes!

All filed away until next time!!!!

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