Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well most of my readers have already heard the news but . . . . . . . . . .

I'm ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And even better to the best man in the world, my best friend, somebody that makes me laugh, a man that pushes me to strive for the best, and a man that I admire.

I thought to change it up I would answer some questions about Joey and our relationship and he is going to do the same.
Erin's Take:
How did you meet the groom? I meet Joe at his company Christams party. My mom works for the same company and ironically enough they knew each other. The first time I meet Joe I thought he seemed extremly personable, and had a great hand-shake. In all honestly though NO ONE could of told me this was the "ONE"
What was your first date like? Joe asked me to go to Church and dinner with him. I knew right from the beginning that his faith was important to him and it would be important any the relationship as well. Afterwards at dinner the conversation took right off and it came to an end way to fast.
What is your first funny memory with the groom? Adter a couple of dates I was getting out of his car one night and feel down. In my defense, his was parked on a hill and I had heels on but I swore after he said good-bye that he would not want date Ms. Clumsy
When did you know they were the one? I think there were so many things that all came togehter for me to know he was the one. When I saw Joe's love and passion for his family, when he showed me unconditional love, when I watched him with my family and friends, and how he let me trust him and never regret it.
What are you looking forward most to about the BIG DAY? This is going to be really hard to sum up but I really think the moment after we kiss on the alter and we turn to see all our family and friends rejoice on such a special moment between Joe and I.
Joe's Take:
How did you meet the bride? Her Mom introduced us at my company's Christmas party.
What was your first date like? I picked her up for Sunday evening mass and then we watched a bought candy from Casey's and watched a movie together
What is your first funny memory with the bride? After a date, I dropped her off at her apartment and getting out of my car, she tripped and caught herself on my car. My first thought was, i hope her jewelry didn't scratch my car.
When did you know the bride was the "one" for you? Once she met my family, she joined in like she had been there for years. Once i saw that, i knew i didn't need to look any longer.
What are you looking forward most to about the BIG DAY? I am looking forward to getting all of our friends and family together and celebrating with everyone. Our friends and family are important to us both, so it will be great joining both families and having one hell of a party. Hope to see everyone there.
Hope everyone enjoyed getting to know us a little better
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