Friday, September 25, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

The past couple of days in Davenport have been filled with clouds, drizzling, and rain. It is interesting to me how rain can make people feel differently some people feel sad, other people like to have lazy days in bed watching bad television. My dream day of rainy weather be sitting on a porch swing with a book and a diet coke! It has become very apparent to me that summer is over and that fall is approaching fast. Although I cherish hot summer days and I am actually looking forward to fall. Already the weekends are filling up with different activities like football games, going to the apple orchard, fall parades, raking leaves, and planting bulbs for next spring. Another reason I love fall is because it closer to CHRISTMAS which is one of my favorite holidays because of FAMILY!!!! I will save the Christmas talk for another blog though! I wanted to attach some pictures that have been inspiring the Fall spirit within me!!! I would love to hear what other people are looking forward to or have planned for this fall season!!!

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