Friday, September 18, 2009

Summer Wrap-Up and Some Fav's

Well. . . I cant actually believe that I am writing a summer re-cap! It has been one busy summer for me and the time has flown by! I thought I would list some of my highlights from the summer.
-My family vacation to Lake Mukwangeo. It was one adventure with 17 of us all in one house. Although the we had a "little" walk to our dock the boating, relaxing and family time was splendid!
-Running the BIX. This was my first BIX and I must say that I had to have my arm turned to do. I will also admit that I only did the Quick BIX but it was a great experience and I love the memories that I have with Joey and his family from it!

-My mom moving to Naperville. Although this was hard for me to swallow at first I love the home she has created and the city life when I am there.

-Road Trips!!!!!! I think if you asked any of Joey and I's friends they would say " you're always on the road" and this summer we have been. Our rides are usually filled with me reading and at the end of every chapter updating him on what is happening, stops at Casey's for large diet cokes and many visits with family and friends!

-Gardening, although I think I may have over planted this year it was great and I always enjoy seeing the progress and harvesting the result!

Now if you are new to this blog I thought I would list some of my favorite's: (for those of you who know me. . . sorry you wont be surprised!)

This quenches my thirst, I am serious sometimes it is the only thing and although I am trying to learn to cut back it will always have a special place in my heart! DIET COKE

One of my new favorites are DIY projects i just made a list and plan to pick up a few items and then will start posting my projects and results!!!!!!

Reading, I love to read and I have read a large selection this summer but decided to just feature one and that is The Girls of Ames by Jeffrey Zaslow. It is a true look at women's friendships and the journey that they take!

The next is a store called Trader Joe's I only get to shop there when visiting my mom in Naperville but I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will someday come to the Quad Cities or wherever I land! It has great breads, floral arrangements, $2 buck chuck(wine) and other speciality items!

I could go on, and on but I thought these cover the bases for now!! I hope everyone had a great summer!!!!!!

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