Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are You Where You Come From?

Typically I dont plan on writing about such "deep" thoughts and topics but this has been an idea that I have wanted to write about for awhile and that has been discussed with my other half recently. A few weeks ago I went back to Rockford, IL where I was born and raised and have many great memories of friends that I grew up with that were back in town. My visits back to Rockford are always jam-packed with catching up with friends, eating great food at JMK, seeing the new sights that have emerged in recent years, and checking out the night life. Joey headed back with me to meet these special people in my life. While we were having some drinks one night in Rockford we ran into some people that I hadn't seen in some time. As you can expect a common question that I was asked was "Where are you now?" When I would answer this question I would reply with "Well, I actually live in Iowa now." or "Davenport, Iowa" The response was pretty surprising! (Response: " Oh . . . . . Really. . . Wow. . ) Not the most positive.
Not only was I suprised by this reaction but Joey had some very strong feelings about it as well. This whole interaction made me think, "Does where a person come from make them who they are?" I am proud to come from a city that is large enough where everyone doesn't know you or your business, a city that has multpile shopping locations, a city that has a diverse mix of people so you are constantly learning from one another, and ultimatley a city that when I return; warms my heart with many special and breathtaking memories. That said, I have gained so much from being a "transplant IOWAN" as well. I have learned that there is a closeness in small towns that can't be created just anywhere, hellos are given from one stranger to the next, the mom and pop resturants are DELICIOUS, I have gained a much deeper appreaction for sunrises and sunsets, and I believe that I am part of Iowa just as much as Iowa is a part of me! I now feel that I am a unique mix of both places. Yes I get teased from my Iowa friends and family about where I come from but this has created a deepened appreaction of the place that I come from. I also get a good tongue-lashing from my Illinios family and friends but this helps breakdown quick judgments about the place I now call home.

So. . . I would love to hear from anyone that comes across this post on where you came from or what places have attributed to who you are today!
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Kendra Dawn said...

Loved this made me really think of how much Jerusalem, Israel has made an impact on my life and how I cherish that year over there, but also how I view the Jewish Religion so differently now.
Love you girly and I know you will come up with great ideas to write are so creative! I will also let you know if I ever shed a tear while reading your posts too!!! :) LOVE YOU!!!