Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's In A Name

Good Morning,

Have you noticed that we have a nickname for our baby? (who as I write this is kicking away) Yup that is right we typically refer to our baby as Baby H.  As I stated awhile back we have decided not to find out what we were having. Overall it hasn't been that hard. A few of my girlfriends think that Joe and I know what we are having but I SWEAR we DON'T. But in the last week Joe and I are both itching to know if Baby H is a boy or a girl!

Where did Baby H come from? Well I don't know exactly how we came up with it but it doesn't stand for anyhting except our last name Haluska!  It doesn't specifically tie to a boy or girl name. Many people have asked us if we have names picked up. When I was about six months pregnant we got serious, made a list, and the following day every single one of those names floated away and I pretty much forgot the names. We really never disagreed about a name on the list. I would say Joe an I lean towards the traditional side of names more than the trendy side though. Back to the list, well I have my bag packed for the hospital and I re-read the list again and am good to go. I have this feeling that once we see sweet baby H's face we will know what their name should be.

What about our names?Erin- For a little background my mom thought that I was a boy when she was pregnant and she had picked out the name Patrick (which I still love to this day) Once she saw me though she considered the names Meghan and Molly- can you tell the reoccurring theme IRISH! And then she remembered some hair clips that she had seen in a store with the name "ERIN" on it and does it get more Irish than that? Ha Ha Ha Secondly my middle name is Eileen, another name I love. Some people call me Eileen and I love that it is my dear grammie's mom's name and a few of my second cousins have the exact same name of Erin Eileen.

Joe- Well Mr. Joe was a surprise baby as well and his family didn't know if he was a boy or a girl. His dad got to do the naming since he turned out to be a boy!! Joe's dad's name is Joe as well and he wanted to contuine the tradition with his son. His middle name of  Steven comes from two people Steve a friend of his dad who passed away in a car accident and his uncle Steve who is his uncle on the Haluska side.  I asked Joe if wanted to contuine the tradition of naming our first son Joe but he has decided to keep all the Joe attention to himself.


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