Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Taste of the Vine 2011

Goodness it is crisp this morning!!! September has arrived!!!!

For the past couple of years I have been volunteering for an organization called the Junior League of the Quad Cities. I have really enjoyed it and it has been a great source to meet women in the area. Over the years I have slowly taken on more responsibility and this year became the chairwomen of our annual fundraiser Taste of the Vine Wine Tasting. We have been plugging away on the fundraiser since May and now the month has arrived and the event will take place on September 29th 2011. I have really enjoyed working on the committee because I have been blessed with a great group of women to work with that have inspired me and kept the motivation up to make this a successful event. Another aspect has helped me grow in is planning non-for profit events and obtaining sponsorships which is huge when you are fundraising.

This event is going to be filled with entertainment, a wonderful silent auction, wine tasting, delicious food and the spirit of bettering our community!!!

With only a couple of weeks left I know it will go fast and I will make sure to give you an update after the event takes place and to post some pictures from it as well!!!

Have a great day!

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