Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happiness Is. . . . . . .

Good Morning Bloggers,

This morning I have some gratitude statements for you. In my opinion it is always good to be grateful for the things in life that make your heart smile=Happiness!!!

Happiness is . . . . . . . . . .

Watching and Listening to Madeline Jane and Joey laugh and twirl in the rain and saying how good the rain smelled!!

Holding newborn onsies, they are so little I cant imagine what it will be like when there is a baby inside of them.

Embracing swollen feet, this is a sign that the baby is coming right??? ha ha ha ha

Carrying a bundle of beautiful flowers from Trader Joe's to the car, they are beautiful and you don't have to feel guilty for getting them at the great price.

Reading a book on a front porch, this is happiness no matter rain, or shine.

Painting little toes and nails!

Looking at recipes for baking, I am not a good baker but maybe one day I will be!!!

Catching up with family and friends via a phone call!

Starting to plan our first family vacation of 3!!!!!!!!!! Details to come on that!

Being loved!

Have a great day and find your happiness!

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