Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good-bye to Summer, Hello to Fall

I had been thinking about this posting for awhile now and wasn't really looking forward to it because I would have to admit that summer was over! BOO I love warm weather and being outside so I am always sad to see this season end. However, after this weekend I am in a completely different spot with Fall arriving!! I am EXCITED! Joey got all my Fall decor out yesterday and it really put me in the mood for Fall. All the beautiful colors, new sights, new smells, crisp mornings, leaves falling, and fires in the backyard and of course Baby H's arrival!!!!! So below is a mini tribute to summer of the things that I will miss and then some things I am looking forward to this Fall!
Good-Bye Summer
 Sunbathing- you will be missed

Outdoor Entertaining- you will be missed (no this isn't my backyard but I can dream right)

  Lemonade Shake Up's- you will be missed too!

Welcome Fall
i NEEDED SOME INSPIRATION FOR MY MANTEL AND I FOUND ITLove this Fall decor. I just added these to my pinterest account and I love them. yesterday I started working on the mantel!

apple pie caramel apples Carmel Apples- these are apple pie Carmel apples and I think I am going to try to make them as well.

 Fall trees!!! Don't the colors just warm you up!
And finally . . . . . . . . . .

BABY H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Margaret said...

YEPEE!!!!! Wont be long now!!!!

O.squared. said...

I love Turner's Take's new look and really love the fall decor photos........neat ideas! I'm a fall person so I say bring it on! :)