Monday, March 8, 2010

Irish Traditions

Here are some of the Irish Traditions:

An Irish Wedding

A typical Irish Wedding is a beautiful ceremony to see or take part in. Often times the groom wears a kilt and the bride typically wears the dress of her mother. When the bride typically turns 12 years old her parents give her a special ring. This ring has the heart face the outside away from her heart. On her wedding day the bride turns the ring around to symbolize that her heart is taken.

Did you know the Irish culture created the idea of the wake or visitation before the funeral???
Why did St. Patrick's day start???
-In Ireland they started this day so they could teach the children the good that St. Patrick did and why he had become a saint.
What language might you hear while visiting Ireland???
Where has the largest St. Patrick's Day Parade??
-Savannah Georgia (SURPRISE SURPRISE)
Hope everyone enjoys these fun Irish traditions!!!

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Kendra Dawn said...

Was I suppose to know the largest parade was in Georgia or was it really a surprise?!?!?