Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beauty Rush

Well I know everyone was expecting me to do something Irish and towards the end I will some Irish info but for right now I wanted to feature some of my favorite beauty finds:

Up to bat first:

My FABULOUS hair dresser turned me on to these hair products: KENRA. Let me tell you before I started using these products I was a hair product junkie and I can honestly tell you that I have tried 90% of hairsprays on the market and this one ROCKS!!! A new KENRA product that I just recently tried was there hair masque. You use this product one a week and if you curl/blow-dry/ straighten your hair will thank you for this nourishing treatment!!!

If I was stranded on an island and I was allowed to bring one beauty product MAC lipglass would be my product. In my opinion they have the largest color selection and the lipglass doesn't have a tacky feeling. I will give you a heads up though it isn't cheap and it NEVER goes on sale and runs $14.00 but is worth every penny!!!

Now that I have reached my mid twenties I am starting to take much better care of my skin. I think having a consistent skin care regime is important to keeping your skin from the dreaded WRINKLES!!!! This is the Warming Green Tea Masque by Beauty Control. I tried the BC skincare line and was not impressed but this masque I do at least once a week. It really smooths the skin and helps rejuvenate that natural glow.

And know I am going to sound like a major Follower but Bare Minerals Make-Up. I have used Clinque, Estee Lauder, Perscriptives, etc etc. . . . and I liked some of them but felt that they clogged my pores most of the time. A couple of years ago my mom gave me a gift certificate to go get a starter pack and a lesson in how to apply the make-up. I was hooked instantly due to the clean light feeling of the makeup. I would highly recommend it to other. Since I have started using this makeup I have noticed a significant decrease in breakouts!! Whoot Whoot! I will tell you the initial starter kit is around $65.00 but last much longer than liquid makeup.

Now for your Irish fact of the day:

Dying the Chicago River green has been happening for over the past 40 years. They start with an orange color and then the green starts. This tradition is to symbolize that leprechaun is in action. What a lucky lady I am to have seen this celebration

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