Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blackberry Market

Over the last 4 year I traveled to the Naperville/Wheaton area quite frequently so  I have frequented many of the shops and restaurants. It is a wonderful area and I adore spending time in both areas since I am surrounded by family.

Recently a friend of my aunts began a journey to open a res truant in the Wheaton/Glen Ellyn area. I know her personally as well because she has helped me when I have been watching the She-She's.

On Halloween I was able to talk to her about her restaurant. It is going to be AMAZING and it makes me wish there were more places like this where I live. Friday and is shop small business day, remember to support your local vendors and shops on this day.

Below is a video about Blackberry Market

I highly recommend watching it. They needed to raise $15,000 and did it through donations through their town!

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