Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday in my opinion. It is a time to reflect on family and friends that you are so grateful for when life is going at warp speed.

Our Thanksgiving weekend started on Wednesday night when daddy got home from a long couple of weeks on travel. We were so excited to see him that we got all dolled up and went out for a fancy dinner.

This is Harper giving Daddy his birthday card, a turkey from her hand and footprints. His birthday was on Thanksgiving this year so it was fitting for the occasion.
It was so great to go for a nice dinner with my loves. Have I mentioned what my new winter drink is, a white russian. It is vodka, Kahlua, and a splash of cream!!!
Here is my sweetheart and I at dinner
After dinner we headed home and finished out packing since we wanted to get on the road bright and early the next day. Thanksgiving day we loaded up the vehicle and began out trip by listening to The Polar Express on cd in the car. I love that story such a classic. We had Thanksgiving with Grandpa and Grandma Zanoni and a relaxing evening at their house. Friday we braved the crowds for some great deals. We stopped and visited with nana as well in Albia and enjoyed seeing some of Joey's friends from college.

Saturday night we headed home since we had lots to do in anticipation for the following weekend.

The Haluska's are very thankful for a warm and loving home, a great group of friends that we love and that make the WC feel like home, and family that is always there to support us!

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