Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ann Arbor Art Fair (say this 5 times fast)

A few weeks ago I decided to take a long weekend trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan to visdt my Uncle Ken, Aunt Susan, and cousins Hannah and Emmett. I haven't been able to go to their house for a few years so I was due for a visit.

My grandparents decided that they wanted to go along with me and my mom took a day off work so she could attend as well, My grandparents headed up to Naperville on a Thursday afternoon, hung at her house for a few hours till she got home from work than we loaded up her things and off on the road we were. Harper did great on the trip going there because it got dark pretty quick after we started so she slept alot.

We arrived in Michigan around midnight and it was great to see everyone. During our visit we were able to see some of the kids activities which is always fun, and go to the Ann Arbor Art Fair. The art fair is so much fun and is right next ot the University of Michigan so while you are walking around you are also seeing the campus.

Here are so picture highlights from the trip
                                           Aunt Susan feeeding Harper at lunch one day!
                                           Coco, Poppy, and Hannah girl giving a big CHEESE
                                              Grammie and Crazy Ken
                                                   My sweet boy Emmett and I
                                               The Crazy Brother and Crazy Sister
                                               Harper's ride for the Art Fair, an umbrella stroller
                                           Harper's thoughts: " Mom get the camera out of my face please! "
                                          CoCo and Harper at the Prickly Pear
                                       Harper loved listening ot this guy play music on the streets!

It was a great trip, and we look forward to our next visit with the Michigan Turner's!

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