Wednesday, August 29, 2012

10 Months Old

How can sweet baby Harper be 10 months old?? This question is really boggling me and the Mr right now!!!

To say the least at 10 months the picture taking has changed and isnt as easy as it once was!!

10 Months Old

Weight:20.5 lbs

Length:29 inches

Diaper Size:4

Clothing: 12-18 months

Food: The Very Hungry Harper is her nickname around the house because she lves to eat anything! Which makes cooking around the house even better. Typiclaly she has cereal with applesauce in the morning. Lunch consists of some turkey, veggies, cheese and dinner is usually whatever we are having and some yogurt. She loves to eat what we are eating so we have to make sure to have smal pieces ready to go when we sit down for dinner. She isstilltaking 4-5 bottles a day but this month we are starting to wean her and make the stretches longer between each bottle(Hopefully this goe well)

Sleeping: Harper is a great sleeper. She loves her naps and really doesnt like going without her morning nap at all. About 2 1/2 hours after she is up she will start rubbing her eyes and scratching behind her ears and she is ready. She typically sleeps for 2 hours at the minimum. We have moved her bedtime up from 9 to 8 and that has gone well too. One new trick that Harper has started to do is throw all her paci's out of her crib and than stand at the end of her crib closest to her door and start laughing. I try not to peek in on her when she is doing it but her cute smile make it hard!

Some of Harper's favorite things: Playing with her toys!! She carries them around from room to room.

Harper also loves babies. She has a baby and we play with it together and kiss it. I can already tell she will be a great big sister!

DOGS-she loves all dogs. Wrigley is warming up more to her and letting her touch him and any small dog better watch out because Harper will want to cuddle you.

Harper is a speed demon at crawling these days, pulls herself up on everything and is beginning to stand and then fall. She also has become very animatedc doing tricks like "how big is harper" peek-a boo, and dancing

Here is a picture of her doing how big is harper
We love you so much Harper Regina and it is such a joy to get to watch you grow and change everyday!!

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