Thursday, August 16, 2012

And We're Off. . . .

What a busy week this has been, and blogging hasnt been to happen do to the long list of things to get done!

But I wanted to "pop" in for a quick hello!!!

Guess who is 10 Months Old today?? Harper Regina is! I will have her 10 month post tomorrow for you!!

we are getting ready to head out to Chicago this Friday to celebrate our 2nd Weding Anniversary!! Whoot Whoot!

Joey has planned the enitre day so I have no idea what we are doing in the Big City!
So many wonderful things have hapened in past two years, I can only imagine what the next two have in  store for us, any guesses??

Hasn't this weather been wonderful we love having the windows open, and sitting out on our front porch!! Harper girl loves the morning when we catch the school kids walking to the grade school that is 2 blocks from our house!

Have a great day!!

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