Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just A few

Rather than me going on and on about Harper girl today I thought I would post some pictures


Yup I just posted a picture of me with spit up and bags underneath my eyes- this is motherhood. The baby bjorn is fast becoming one of Harper's favorite things along with momma's since it helps me move around the house and get things done!!!

Out for dinner on Dad's birthday. Yes we took our daughter out to a semi formal dinner and she did great and we loved walking to the car under all these pretty lights.

Dont worry Wrigley is still getting lots of attention ( please excuse the pile of laundry behind Joe)

                                                       Sleep is CHERISHED by all 3 of us
Baths are another favorite of Harpers and she loves when I get in with her which happens often.

And finally. . . . .

                                          Watching bad reality TV in bed with mom and dad By the way guess who is home with us for the next 12 days??????????????? Joey

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