Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Wish List 2011

With Christmas right around the corner it is time for the Haluska family wish list!!! Yup Harper, Joe and I created out list the other night and I thought it would be great to feature some of the things we are hoping Santa leaves for us!!!!

Up first

Joe's Wish List
Nike LunarEclipse+ Shield Men's Running Shoe
Nike LunarEclipse+ Shield

Joey's favorite type of coffee!

Running Stroller all for Dad and Harper
Harper's List

Baby Bikini- she will be needing this for our FIRST family trip in March

Car seat mirror so Mom stops poking her head around at me!

Books I love listening to a book be read
Erin's List

Baby Bullet- I plan to make most of Harper's baby food so this will come in Handy!

Workout clothes-this momma is getting back in the swing of things! (isnt that a strange pose on the model)
and finally

A shellac manicure set! I love painting my nails but hate when they start chipping!
What is on your list this year?

1 comment:

Kendra Dawn said...

I'm with ya on the Baby Bullet...maybe that can be a gift to Jace?!?! :)