Thursday, December 22, 2011

Haluska Christmas Gathering

A few weekends ago we headed back to Joe's hometown to celebrate Christmas with his family in Albia. It was a great because the majority of the family was able to be there but sadly we were missing a few!!!

The house was full of little kids running around, sports on the tv, talking, laughing, cooking, and of course a few babies crying.

Enjoy the pictures:
                                                Nana getting her cuddle time with Harper
                                             Joey's cousin's little girl Sydney meeting Harper for the first time
                                                           Crying Cousins- makes me laugh
                                                  All hanging out together!
                                             Adam and Kendra cheesing it up for the camera while Steve sleeps away
                                                           My love and I
                                                   Jerzey tearing through the presents!!
It was a great time to see everyone!

1 comment:

Margaret said...

Love the pics and Mike and Steve both sleeping with all the commotion in the house!! LOL! Cant wait to see you next week for our Christmas!! LOVE YOU ALL!!