Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Old Wives Tales: Fact or Fiction

Lately the anticipation of not knowing if we are having a boy or girl has really set in at the Haluska household!! We wouldn’t change it and give up the once in a lifetime surprise but the guessing and wondering is in full effect. Throughout my pregnancy people have speculated as to what I was having and have told me some interesting old wives tales that are supposed to predict what gender baby you are having. Some are pretty laughable while others entertain. Here are just a few:

Old Wives’ Tale #1: The Telltale Carry

One of the most common gender-predictors is the way you carry your baby. Legend has it that if you’re carrying low, you’re carrying a boy; a higher bump means a little girl. Some claim that if you carry in front, you’re expecting a boy; expand horizontally and wait for a girl. Science begs to differ. The way you carry your unborn has nothing to do with gender. Muscle, uterine tone and the baby’s position dictate how you carry. (The past two times I have gone for a pedicure they have predicted once a boy due to the way I was carrying and the other a girl)

Old Wives’ Tale #2: Urine Testing

This is one old wives’ tale that’s actually dangerous to consider. For years, expectant mothers have mixed their urine with Drano, predicting gender based on the color of the resulting liquid. There’s no consistent consensus as to which color indicated which gender, so staring into a greenish, bluish, or brownish bowl of liquid still gives you complete interpretation freedom. Most disturbing, however, is that the combination of urine and Drano poses a threat of fumes and explosion. This is one tale not worth pursuing. ( I couldnt bring myself to try this one!)

Old Wives’ Tale #3: Heart Rate Decoder

Does heart rate point to gender? This old wives’ tale claims that the fetal heart rate of a girl will exceed 140, while that of a boy will be slower. In reality, the fetal heart rate fluctuates with growth and movement. Just as your heart rate increases when you exercise, your unborn child’s heart rate speeds up when doing gymnastics in the womb. It is a scientific fact, however, that a girl’s heart rate increases more than a boy’s during labor.( The baby’s heart rate started around the 155 and has been around 140 the last 2 months so this test leans towards a boy for baby H)

Old Wives’ Tale #4: Crave It

A correlation between what you want to eat and who’s little mouth you’ll be feeding in the near future. The scientific community doesn’t even recognize your cravings as real; ignore those scientists Craving sweets? Decorate that nursery in pink. Demanding sour pickles? Spend more time brainstorming boy names. While cravings might be a great opportunity to indulge in chocolate guilt-free, don’t draw and indulge anyway, but don’t put stock in. (This one is to hard to tell since I have been craving both equally)

Now onto some other predictors:

The Ring Test

This is an easy baby gender prediction method to try. Take a pin, needle, or wedding ring and attach it to a thread or strand of hair. Hold the dangling item over mom to be’s belly while she is lying down. If the needle or wedding ring swings in a strong circular motion, you will be having a girl. If it moves in a to and fro motion like a pendulum, you will be having a boy. (This test predicted a girl for Baby H)

Next Up

The Chinise Birth Calendar

This test asked several questions such as how old were you when you conceived? What month did you conceive? What month are you due? (This test predicted a boy for Baby H)

So the conclusion that I have come to is that you really can’t tell until that moment arrives at the hospital because the old wives test and many test are just to back and forth to really tell.


Liz said...

When I was carrying with Sydney my dentist told me I was carrying a girl because of how I carried round but the chinese calendar told me I was having a boy (also that all of my sisters but 1 was suppose to be a boy), and Sydney always had a low heart rate! None of these can tell, but you will soon know!!

Erin said...

thanks Liz!! I cant wait!! And I agree with you- you really cant tell!

Margaret said...

As long as that little one is healthy that's all that matters!!! But....I am predicting GIRL!!!! LOL!!