Friday, October 14, 2011

39 Weeks

Good Morning,

Happy Friday!! The Fall weather has set in here and the leaves are falling more everyday!

Here I am at 39 weeks! Wow I cant believe at times I have been pregnant for this length of times and other times I feel like we just found out. I cant honestly tell you that Joe and I are pretty anxious for Baby H to be here with us!! Everyday we talk multiple times to check in with each other, and my sweet husband is always checking in with me while at home to see what he can do to help me or how I am feeling.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday. Things are looking good. I have progressed more and now it is a waiting game to see when this baby starts the process.

I was hoping to post a picture of us on our way to the hospital but no such luck and I haven't changed that much in my shape so here is a picture of baby this week:
Baby, fetus at 39 weeks - BabyCenter
What is Going On With Baby H this Week:
Not much to report this week with baby still progress is being made in other areas such as brain development which is growing and developing up a storm. Your baby's pink skin has turned white or whitish.

Our midwife is estimating that our baby is going to be in the 8 pound range and about 21 inches right. It will be interesting to see how close she comes to being correct.

Our bags are packed!
Our camera's are charged!
The House is in order!
The baby's room is ready!

Now we just need you baby H!!!!!!


O.squared. said...

Wishing you well as you approach delivery! Baby H will be here in no time!! :)

Margaret said...

come on Baby H!!!!!! You have a Grandma that can't wait to see you also!!!!!!!!!!!!