Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hello Blogland,

Well time has crept by and I haven't blogged!!

I am bad!!! I feel bad!!! I am out of it with my blogging!!!! BOOOOOO!!!!!!

This past month I have had one constant theme in my life and that has been "PLAYING CATCH-UP"

Morning sickness, being tired and colds have sidelined me from MY LIFE. The house has looked like a tornado has blown through and hasn't left, I don't think I have cooked a decent meal for a month except when we had our Zanoni get together, and I barely stay awake till 8 each night. What can  I say I am a ball of fun.

The LIGHT has started to appear at the end of the tunnel. I am so grateful. With my first trimester coming to a close I am excited to see what the next will bring. Many have told me that I am going to get a large amount of ENERGY which I am will be waiting for because there are so many projects that I want to tackle.

Joe has been an great nurse to me and I am so very thankful. Besides being nurse he is thoroughly enjoying his new job and studying hard for the Professional Engineering Exam he heads to Ames Thursday night to take it so please send your added thoughts and prayers his way.

So this week I vow to be a better blogger. I am committed to blogging about How we told our famalies about baby Haluska and the completion of our bathroom remodel.

Have a great Monday!!!

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