Friday, April 15, 2011

First Trimester. . . CHECK

Good Morning Bloggers,

Hope you are doing well and have some fun activities planned for your weekend! Since the cold weather is heading back this way the hubby and I are planning on having a movie night with a fire tonight.

Anyways, are you ready for a Baby H update????

Well Today I am 13 weeks!!!!!!!! which means good bye first trimester, hello second trimester. I cant believe it is already over it went very fast. Although I am looking forward to all the energy that I am supposed to get in the next few months.
I wanted to include a picture of the baby's development thus far, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? I was amazed! ( Hi  sweet baby-from your momma)

We heard the heartbeat last week and it was amazing Joe was able to go with me to the appointment and Baby H's heartbeat was 164 amazing!!!!!! The baby was much lower in my abdomen than I had thought..

EATING: Breakfast is still the hardest meal of the day for me to get down and to keep down. I am hoping that now I am entering a new part of the pregnancy journey this might pass. Recently dinner meals don't seam to want to stay down either, what can I say this baby likes to keep his momma in the bathroom.

CRAVINGS: No real cravings till this week. Mandarin oranges and PEAS! I know kind of strange but I have to eat both of these things everyday. Joey hates peas so I am trying to eat those at lunch so he doesn't have to stomach them.

CLOTHES: This past week I really started to round out, I have been wearing leggings and loser tops recently and have started filling my closet with dresses for the summertime. I am dreading the maternity swimsuit thing, but i guess I am going to have to embrace it.

FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: I love baths and showers, Joey is really looking forward to the water bill this month. Another activity I love is SLEEPING!! Don't I sound like alot of fun! Joe's favorite activity so far in this pregnancy is searching for names!!!!

Well there is a brief update on how things are going. We thank God everyday that we are getting this opportunity. Coming soon some pics of the bump!

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