Sunday, April 10, 2011

How We Told Our Families

Hello Everyone,

Well it has been far to long!!!

Are you enjoying this beautiful weather????? We have had a wonderful Sunday. The windows open, the sun shining and spending the whole day together!!! I am so grateful for days like this I appreciate my husband, my home, and life so much in the simplicity of it all. I hope you all had wonderful weekends with you loved ones.

Now on to the good stuff. We have been asked by several people how did you share the news with your family of the baby???? We would of loved to of been able to see everyone and tell them in person but that was impossible. So we were able to tell some family in person and contacted others by email/phone.

Joey called his Dad and Tammy to share the news. It was wonderful. They were beyond thrilled and we talked for a long time about all the good times to come with our expanding family. They have already started to get their house ready for the baby with supplies so they are ready for babysitting!!!! They call often and check in and love to hear about the doctors appointments.

Joey was able to call his Mom who lives in Des Moines and share the news with her. Nana spent the winter in Florida so he called her as well and she was excited!!! She has is excited as her great grandchildren expand and has checked up on me through all the morning sickness. Joey's brother Mikey is going to be a great uncle and is pulling for a little boy so he can spoil him with shoes from Footlocker

Joey sent out an email to his extended family. He is such a great writer!!! They all sent their well wishes and followed up with lovely phone calls and cards. Thank you Haluska's!!!! We Love you.

The weekend that we told the majority of the people we happened to be going to Geneseo. My grammie had a treatment that week and wasn't feeling the best so this joyous news couldn't of come at a better time.

Prior to going to Geneseo that weekend I decided to make a little surprise for them all.

The onesies said " I can't wait to meet you (GG and Poppy or CoCo or She-She's) Love Baby Haluska. One the back said " ETA October 2011.

Grammie and Poppy were thrilled. If you cant tell from the above picture grammie and I shed some very happy tears. My mom was thrilled as well and has decided to go with the name CoCo. The following week I was heading up to spend time with the she-she's so I made one for them as well.

It was so much fun sharing the news and Joe and I both feel so blessed with our families love and unconditional support.

The first trimester is coming to an end for me and I am really hoping this surge of energy that everyone keeps telling me will arrive hurries up and gets here.

Have a great Monday!

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