Monday, August 9, 2010


Well the title of this post is all I am doing, thinking, seeing, touching, and living!!!

I guess this is pretty normal when someone is DAYS away from the wedding

Tonight was filled with errands, healthy dinner, workout, favor making, seating charts, bridesmaids gifts, etc.

Another element that added to today's excitement was the arrival of some honeymoon clothes I ordered. They minute I saw them I tried them on phoned Joey to ask " Where are we going?" But he gave up nothing!!!!

The excitement is in the air!!!!!!!! I am so ready to see everyone!!!!!! I am ready to celebrate with everyone, I am ready to see this dream come true! I am ready to stand in front of God, our family, and dear friends, and say the scared vows that have been said for centuries to Joe.
To me there is something so intense and romantic about repeating the vows that have been here for so long.

What are your thoughts on vows fellow bloggers?
Make your own?
Stay traditional?
A mixture???

Lets hear from you.

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