Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Recent Cry

If you know me then you know this one thing about me. . . . .I cry, I cry alot, I cry at sad and HAPPY things. It is who I am!!!! I can cry at the Oprah show, commercial, movies, cards, songs, family gatherings, goodbyes, and hellos. What can I say except I CRY

Awhile back my mom gave me a gift, she is so good to me because she knows me to a T. I love stationary. I love the different types and for a long time I have collected all sorts so when I need to send something out I have them. To me writing and receiving mail is a past time that should be used more often. Anyways, so my mom says to me I have something for you and this is what I got. . . .

Beautiful new stationary wiht my new last name initial!!!!!

Immediately when I saw it guess what happened, My eyes filled with tears. First I took it as such a kind gesture from her. She loves Joe and couldn't happier for us. Secondly it hit me that I AM GETTING MARRIED! No this doesn't make me sad, it is a great event and seems like a dream of mine is coming true. Lastly as I have glanced over the stationary I have realized H- Haluska is who I am becoming I will always be a Turner but now I am a Haluska forever as well.
Till next time bloggers!!!

1 comment:

Kendra Dawn said...

Sweet stationary...I love it!!!!

And YES you are good at always sending out cards or little letters. I wish I was better at that...