Thursday, January 5, 2012

HGTV Dream Home 2012

So last year I featured the HGTV Dream Home and voted all the time, well it is that time of year again and HGTV has a new home and get ready it is an AWESOME home!

Joe and I watched the special on HGTV this past weekend and at first thought wouldnt it be great if we won, for a vacation home?" But as we saw more of the home we decided we would have to move to Park City, Utah permanetly if we WIN! Dont worry we plan to entertain LOTS so you can come and visit us!

Besides the home you get 1. A new GMC SUV 2. $500,000

How about this kitchen?

This tub has my name written all over it!!!

This room for entertaining with large french doors on either side!!! SQUEAL!

So who is coming to visit us!!!?????!!!


Kendra Dawn said...

We may move in with you guys!!!!!

Erin said...

You can come anytime!!